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Monday, June 18, 2007

Thinking outside the

Almost forgot. Flex your other Pynchon muscles here. By the way guys, this area has been a bit too weak as of late. I mean seriously, seances and no mention of Gravity's Rainbow. Carolyn Eventyr would be rolling over in his grave, and talking to a medium to tell us all about it. We have sewer escapes here not to mention zany secret societies and anti-semmitism reminiscent of GR, Crying, and V.. Any thoughts? If anyone hasn't connected the bilocation to the digital logic of Crying yet, damn it, hasn't that time come! Ding ding ding, paging Maxwell's Demon.


At Wednesday, June 20, 2007 10:56:00 AM, Blogger Monstro D. Whale said...

In Crying of Lot 49, dualism quickly begets quad-ism, and so on. Example, either it's all in her head or it isn't. If it's in her head then either she's crazy or she's on LSD (die Brocke). If it isn't all in her head then it's either Pierce or their really is a Trystero. Two becomes four.

The same happens with Maxwell's daemon. Either all the fast moving particles are on one side of the box or they aren't. If they are, then Maxwell's demon moves but you have to take your attention away to see that which prevents the movement. So, if the Maxwell's demon doesn't move it is either, because the thing doesn't work, or because the thing works but as soon as you put your attention somewhere else it stops working, or it does work and you're not a sensitive, or it seems to work which is actually evidence that it doesn't work because it's seeming to work should require your attention to the interior of the box.

I say all this not to return to painful parts of 49, but to point out that Pynchon has a habit of showing how the universe might be represented in binaries, but how those binaries quickly give way to infinite complexity. This isn't particularly true of just Lot 49, it's a veritable Pynchonian theme.

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